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Project Description
This project is a little workaround for keeping track of WowStead forum-updates while this function is not included with WowStead.
It will run on clientside with frontend or it can be configured on a servers running in scheduled tasks to create mail or RSS notifications.

While there is no notification feature included in the free WoW-guild portal WowStead ( this tool can create e-mail notifications on new forum post of your guild and gives you in addition a RSS 2.0 news feed. This functionality is primarily intended to operate in server-mode (silent-mode).
If you run WSN without the parameter -silent it will show up a frontend that comes with a list of new forum posts since last lookup.


  • WoWSteadURL (string) = full URL to WowStead guild forum
  • EMailsNotification (string collection) = E-mail addresses of mail notification recipients
  • EMailAdmin (string) >> not used yet
  • EMaiFrom (string) = E-Mail addresses that will be used for FROM: and TO:
  • EMailServerSMTP (string) = valid SMTP server that will take your outgoing mails w/o auth
  • KeksUserID (string) = UserID from WowStead cookie (see: userid)
  • KeksCharID (string) = CharID from WowStead cookie (see: charid)
  • KeksPassHash (string) = Password hash from WowStead cookie (see: password)
  • KeksLastVisit (string) = Unix timestamp from WowStead cookie (see: lastvisit)
  • MailSubject (string) = Subject for mail which will added by <name of guild> and "Forum"
  • MailBody (string) = Mail body (upper part before list of posts)
  • MailTrailer (string) = End of mail (lower part following list of posts)
  • RSSPath (string) = Path in file system where RSS XML file will be saved
  • RSSFlag (bool) = set to true if you want to create the RSS 2.0 feed

WSN will login as user by given cookie-variables in config, gets the HTML-table with latest posts, put this content in a ADO.NET DataSet and write it as XML to disk. When gathering the latest posts next time, the new aquired data will be compared to the recent DataSet - in difference it will output the latest posts.

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